Deosai means "The Land of Giants" in local Balti dialect. It is also called Byarsa, which means "Summer Place" . The Plateau is the seemed height plateau in the world after Chang Tank in Tibet and located at the boundary of Karakorum and western Himalayas. The plains mostly remain under snow cover during June till December. Among Wildlife species: Brown Bear , Snow Leopard , Himalayan Ibex, Golden marmot and many species of animals and birds are found in the area.

​The administration of Gilgit-Baltistan notified 3626 sq Km of Deosai plains as " National Park" on 4th December 1993 particularly to protect and conserve Himalayan Brown bear (Ursus Ursus Isabellinus) in its natural Habitat and to maintain the Ecological and Biological balance of its fragile Ecosystem and habitat. Unlawful hunting and poaching of wildlife , excessive harvesting of medical plants and herbs, overgrazing and unmanaged tourit flow were key threats to Deosai National Park (DNP) and its resources (Haggler Bailey Pakistan). Deosai plains are also called as Roof of Earth because of its being the 2nd highest plateau. These plains are famous for its variety of wildlife and unique vegetation types. for sustainable management of fragile eco-system of this National Park , the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation (HWF) has undertaken termendus activitiesin DNP during the period from 1992-1994 the HWF had prepared a draft management plan for this park but it could not be materalized and approved most probably due to budgetary constraints. Subsequently, the WWF Pakistan , Gilgit Region prepared a comprehensive and self contained management plan for this National Park in 2011. This Management Plan is yet to be approved by the Government. The Management Plan aimed to protect Brown Bear in the National Park, for which detailed operational objectives have been designed to address the development of natural resources, minimized the negative impact of human activities, improve socio economic conditions of concerned communities and promote research for scientific management, besides focusing of plan objectives for ecological integrity of park, conservation and sustainable development and setting up a proper administrative unit for scientific management of park