The Deosai National Park is situated  at the junction of three important Mountain ranges , western Himalayas, the Ladkh and Zanskar. Administratively it falls in Skardu and Astore district with the following spatial extent

Left 75-9'0.26"                      Right 75 4'7 12.29"

Top 35 11' 3.45"                   Bottom 34 4'5 12.29"

Deosai plains is divided as big and small Deosai. Big Deosai is approximately 30Km in the south of Skardu and accessible from North through a jeep able road from Skardu, which enters the plains via Ali Malik Pass.This jeep road crosses the plains and goes down into Astore valley in the West through Sheosar pass near sheosar lake. Big Deosai is the main stronghold of the Brown Bear.